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19th March 2018

Power-line collisions threaten South African bustards

Posted in: collision, Conservation, mortality

What contributes to the unsustainably high rate of bustard power-line collisions?

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12th October 2015

Migratory connectivity in European Rollers

Posted in: connectivity, Conservation, distribution, geolocator, Migration, mortality, News, Science, tracking

Bringing it all together

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24th August 2015

Nest survival in agricultural grasslands

Posted in: breeding, Farmland birds, habitat, mortality, Science, shorebirds, tracking, waders, wetlands

What works?

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17th August 2015

When is owl on the menu?

Posted in: breeding, mortality, News, predation

Eggs to go . . .

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20th July 2015

Tracking seabird mortality induced by light pollution

Posted in: breeding, light pollution, mortality, News, Science, Seabirds, tracking

Impact of artificial lights on seabird fledglings

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29th June 2015

Waves of terror in Starling flocks

Posted in: behaviour, mortality, News, raptors, roost

How Starling flocks react to predator attacks

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25th May 2015

Of Ruminants and Redshanks

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, Farmland birds, habitat, mortality, shorebirds, waders, wetlands

Does light grazing cause nest mortality?

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2nd March 2015

When should you eat?

Posted in: breeding, foraging, habitat, mortality, Science, woodland birds

Which feeding strategy is better for reproductive success?

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19th January 2015

Bycatch in gillnet fisheries: a bird’s eye view

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, fisheries, foraging, mortality, Science, Seabirds

Can we reduce the 400,000 bird deaths caused by gillnets each year?

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