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5th February 2018

Taking stock of our seabirds

Posted in: monitoring, Seabirds, trends

The importance of censuses for assessing change in seabird populations

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29th January 2018

How many point counts are enough?

Posted in: bird atlas, monitoring, survey

For large-scale projects like bird atlases, it’s important to find the sweet spot for survey effort

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27th December 2017

Concerns for Guillemot chicks on Skomer

Posted in: climate change, diet, diet composition, monitoring, Seabirds

Long-term monitoring is key to understanding changes in Guillemot populations

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6th December 2017

The heat is on for British birds

Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, bird movements, Bird Protection, breeding, Breeding Bird Survey, climate change, distribution, ecology, habitat, Migration, monitoring, Nest Record Scheme, News, phenology, population dynamics, survey, Wetland Bird Survey

What is the evidence for climate change? How will UK bird communities adapt?

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30th October 2017

The elusive migration of rails

Posted in: marsh birds, Migration, monitoring, stable isotopes

How does the migratory connectivity of secretive species differ?

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5th June 2017

Got an old smartphone? Turn it to a bird-monitoring app

Posted in: monitoring, technology

The use of a smartphone app for motion detection to monitor birds remotely

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13th June 2016

Comparing methodologies for avian monitoring

Posted in: bird assemblages, bird song, cerrado, monitoring, recording, survey

Can automatic recorders facilitate field research and improve avian monitoring?

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