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26th March 2018

Wing shape: migration vs predator escape

Posted in: bird movements, game bird, migrant, molt, predation, wing morphology

Differences in wing morphology between juvenile and adult European Turtle Doves

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9th January 2017


Posted in: feathers, flight, foraging, Migration, molt, moult, tracking, weather, wind

A look at the special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, examining how flying animals respond to the challenges – and opportunities – that come with moving in a medium that is, itself, on the move.

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6th June 2016

Tracking Black-headed Grosbeak through the annual cycle

Posted in: bird movements, gps tags, Migration, molt, moult, raptors, tracking

GPS-tracking reveals non-breeding locations and apparent molt-migration

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8th September 2014

An Australian shorebird breaks the rules on moult

Posted in: breeding, molt, moult, News, Science

Do we know why Hooded Plovers moult when they do?

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