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5th January 2015

A home away from home: flickers use cavities all year

Posted in: breeding, geolocator, habitat, Migration, phenology, Science, tracking

Technology reveals the extent of cavity use by Norther Flicker

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15th December 2014

Wind support makes migrants restless

Posted in: Migration, Science, weather, wind

Wind conditions predict nocturnal restlessness in a migratory songbird

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24th November 2014

Offshore wind: the importance of bird density and breeding season definitions

Posted in: Bird Protection, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, Migration, News, renewable energy, Seabirds, tracking, wind farms

Offshore collision risk modelling can be insufficiently precautionary

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13th October 2014

A tale of two kites

Posted in: distribution, Migration, News, raptors, Science, tracking

Web-based biodiversity data reveals a sedentary species is in fact a migrant

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22nd September 2014

Shetland’s phalaropes go WHERE . . . ?!

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, geolocator, Migration, Science, tracking, wintering

A Scottish Red-necked Phalarope wintered somewhere totally unexpected . . .

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12th March 2014

The Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo species complex

Posted in: Genetics, Migration, Taxonomy

Genetic structure offers insights into the evolution of migration and the taxonomy

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