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25th March 2020

Urban birds need to be smart or fast-breeding

Posted in: life history, News, urban birds

Brain size and life history interact to predict urban tolerance in birds

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12th November 2018

Differing priorities in the timing of annual life history events

Posted in: life history, News, phenology, tropical birds

Why does the Common Bulbul breed year-round despite predictable seasonal aridity?

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2nd October 2017

Taking it slow in the tropics

Posted in: evolution, life history, survival, tropical birds

Contrasting life-history evolution in New World thrushes

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24th July 2017

Let’s go to the field

Posted in: breeding biology, fieldwork, life history, natural history

Advancing ornithology through advancing understanding of natural history

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23rd November 2015

Survival out the nest: southern birds do best

Posted in: adult survival, breeding, colour ringing/banding, evolution, fledgling survival, life history, survival, tracking


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