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16th February 2019

Innovative landscape-scale management for Woodlark

Posted in: Conservation, grass heath, land use

Does experimental ground-disturbance management benefit Woodlark?

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15th January 2018

How resilient are Wood Warblers to forest loss on the wintering grounds?

Posted in: forest birds, habitat, land use, migrant, woodland birds

Is it too simplistic to assume there is a causal link between declines in Afro-Palaearctic migrants and widespread land-use change in Africa?

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8th August 2016

The march of the triffids

Posted in: agriculture, biodiversity, bird communities, connectivity, Conservation, forest birds, habitat, land management, land use, tropical birds

Shifting agriculture supports more rainforest birds than oil palm or teak monocultures.

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29th February 2016

Eagles and agriculture can co-exist

Posted in: agriculture, breeding, land use, productivity, raptors

Good news! Land use change is not necessarily detrimental to Verreaux’s Eagles

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