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6th November 2017

A sticky situation for Redshank?

Posted in: land management, marsh birds, waders

Tracking bovine beasts to help birds

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4th September 2017

Umbrellas for grassland bird conservation

Posted in: agriculture, grassland, habitat, land management

Can we conserve the entire grassland avifauna by protecting the Corncrake only?

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17th July 2017

Longing for the ground

Posted in: agriculture, Farmland birds, habitat, land management

Bare patches and additional tramlines increase suitability of conventional arable land for the Skylark

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24th May 2017

Birds in the uplands

Posted in: land management, moorland, moorland birds, upland birds

How should we manage UK moorlands for birds?

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8th August 2016

The march of the triffids

Posted in: agriculture, biodiversity, bird communities, connectivity, Conservation, forest birds, habitat, land management, land use, tropical birds

Shifting agriculture supports more rainforest birds than oil palm or teak monocultures.

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28th March 2016

Impacts of driven shooting of Red Grouse

Posted in: Conservation, hunting pressure, land management, moorland, moorland birds, News, red grouse, upland birds

Management of Red Grouse moors

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