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20th February 2020

Round Island fieldwork

Posted in: BOU, BOU Warham Student, BOU-funded, breeding, breeding biology, camara traps, early career, early-career researcher, ECR, hybridization, islands, islands birds, monitoring, passive monitoring, remote sensing, Seabirds

Warham PhD Student Kirsty Franklin, tells us about her first field season in the Indian Ocean

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22nd April 2019

The perks of being a mainland species on an oceanic island

Posted in: island birds, islands, population dynamics, raptors, tropical birds

What does seasonal population matrix modelling reveal for the Red‐tailed Hawk in Puerto Rico?

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28th March 2019

Prioritising the world’s islands to save threatened biodiversity

Posted in: Conservation, island birds, islands, News, RSPB science, Seabirds

But how?

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