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island birds

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5th November 2018

Kingfisher evolution in the Wallacea region

Posted in: competition, evolution, island birds

Differing responses of closely related migratory and resident species

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22nd October 2018

Mice wreak havoc for South Atlantic seabirds

Posted in: Conservation, island birds, Seabirds

Invasive mice kill nearly 2 million birds a year on Gough Island

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13th November 2017

Rail connections in the Pacific

Posted in: diversification, gene flow, island birds

Gene flow and island endemism in the Buff-banded Rail

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24th April 2017

The real treasure of Juan Fernández

Posted in: competition, forest birds, hummingbirds, island birds

Does a congeneric competitor affect the Critically Endangered Juan Fernández Firecrown?

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1st August 2016

Swallow sexual life through the looking glass

Posted in: extra pair paternity, island birds

A study of extra-pair paternity in the Chilean Swallow

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23rd May 2016

What do Galapagos Hawks eat after the goats are gone?

Posted in: Conservation, diet, diet composition, ecology, habitat, island birds, non-natives, raptors

After the eradication of exotic goats on Santiago Island, Galapagos hawks prey deliveries consist mainly of introduced black rats

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