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20th April 2020

The Teal Housewives of Colorado

Posted in: behaviour, breeding, incubation, waterbirds

How does Cinnamon Teal incubation behavior vary with environmental conditions?

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16th January 2020

Ejecting Eggs

Posted in: behaviour, eggs, incubation, nest monitoring

Who do some birds remove eggs from their nest?

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13th May 2019

Moving the eggs, reallocating the warmth

Posted in: eggs, incubation

Is hatching asynchrony adjustable by egg repositioning during incubation?

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24th September 2018

The shape of birds’ eggs

Posted in: eggs, evolution, incubation, Seabirds

Does selection during the incubation period influence egg shape?

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2nd July 2018

Embryo development and blood parasites

Posted in: avian malaria, incubation, parasites

Slow embryo development is associated with increased resistance to blood parasites

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7th August 2017

Embryonic hypothermia tolerance: adaptation to disturbance?

Posted in: adaptation, Disturbance, incubation, nesting

Unusual incubation behaviour and embryonic tolerance of hypothermia in the Sichuan Partridge

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17th October 2016

Drab females are warm mothers

Posted in: breeding, feathers, incubation, mate selection, nesting, plumage

Less pigmented females have warm brood patches

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