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26th October 2015

Nesting in the muck

Posted in: behaviour, bird communities, breeding, habitat, Science

Black Larks’ love for dung

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28th September 2015

Can Icelandic Whimbrels rise from the ashes?

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, habitat, Science, shorebirds, waders

When in Spring 2010 Eyjafjallajökull’s volcanic eruption grounded most of the western world, Icelandic Whimbrels kept pushing North through the dust cloud.   José A. Alves Universities of Aveiro (CESAM) and Iceland   LINKED PAPER The effects of habitat type and volcanic eruptions on the breeding demography of Icelandic Whimbrels Numenius phaeopus. Katrínardóttir, B., Alves, […]

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24th August 2015

Nest survival in agricultural grasslands

Posted in: breeding, Farmland birds, habitat, mortality, Science, shorebirds, tracking, waders, wetlands

What works?

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8th June 2015

Range expansion of non-native Acacia species: Acacia cyclops and birds

Posted in: Conservation, foraging, habitat, News, non-natives, Seabirds

Do birds disperse non-native plants?

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25th May 2015

Of Ruminants and Redshanks

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, Farmland birds, habitat, mortality, shorebirds, waders, wetlands

Does light grazing cause nest mortality?

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27th April 2015

Dartford Warbler: unplanned fires and opportunities for conservation

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, distribution, global change, habitat, Science, weather

How will global change affect the distribution of the Dartford Warbler?

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30th March 2015

The globally threatened Aquatic Warbler

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, foraging, habitat, Migration, protected areas, Science, wetlands

Do we know enough to save it?

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9th March 2015

The secret lives of Nightjars

Posted in: breeding, foraging, habitat, News, Science, tracking, woodland birds

Shedding light on a mysterious species

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2nd March 2015

When should you eat?

Posted in: breeding, foraging, habitat, mortality, Science, woodland birds

Which feeding strategy is better for reproductive success?

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28th January 2015

A twist in the tale: Red Kites are back in town

Posted in: distribution, foraging, gardens, habitat, raptors, Science

Why are so many Red Kites visiting our towns?

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5th January 2015

A home away from home: flickers use cavities all year

Posted in: breeding, geolocator, habitat, Migration, phenology, Science, tracking

Technology reveals the extent of cavity use by Norther Flicker

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22nd December 2014

Do birds of a feather flock together?

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, distribution, habitat, wetlands

How habitat preferences vary

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