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habitat selection

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18th April 2019

Are Burrowing Owls stuck in an ecological trap?

Posted in: agriculture, breeding, Disturbance, fledglings, habitat selection, News

Exploring the influence of agriculture on nesting success.

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7th March 2019

Short-distance Migration in the Dark

Posted in: grassland birds, habitat selection, Little Bustard, migration stopover, News, temperature

Male Little Bustards migrate during the night and use multiple stopover sites

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30th April 2018

The year-round benefits of occupying preferred habitat

Posted in: adult survival, habitat, habitat selection, winter

Do habitat features that influence over-winter survival also influence reproductive success in a territorial, year-round resident?

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2nd August 2017

Keep it simple

Posted in: habitat, habitat selection, occupancy, remote sensing, woodland birds

Structural diversity in forests favors avian diversity – but not the endangered Wood Warbler

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30th January 2017

Breeding Whimbrel habitat characteristics in Shetland

Posted in: Conservation, habitat, habitat selection

Do Whimbrel adults and chicks use different habitats?

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31st October 2016

Let’s ‘chat’ about habitat

Posted in: Conservation, habitat, habitat selection, migrant

Can large-scale data reflect fine-scale habitat preferences?

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