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26th February 2020

The forgotten Breckland Curlew – another predation victim

Posted in: Conservation, Disturbance, grassland, nest predation, waders

Is ground-disturbance management the answer for protection of breeding Curlew?

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31st May 2019

Multi-taxa consequences of avian umbrella species management

Posted in: Conservation, grass heath, grassland, grassland birds, invertebrates, News, surrogate species

Can Biodiversity Auditing predict the outcomes of umbrella species management?

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4th September 2017

Umbrellas for grassland bird conservation

Posted in: agriculture, grassland, habitat, land management

Can we conserve the entire grassland avifauna by protecting the Corncrake only?

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22nd February 2016

Figurehead bird conservation – wider biodiversity benefits?

Posted in: biodiversity, Conservation, grass heath, grassland, habitat

Will creating Stone-curlew habitat benefit rare plants and invertebrates?

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