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15th May 2017

When not to tag a bird

Posted in: behaviour, gps tags, tracking

Tracking small songbirds generates important insights into avian ecology, but does not always work out the way you planned

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10th May 2017

Nightjars on migration

Posted in: bird movements, geolocator, gps tags, migrant, Migration, satellite tracking

Where do European Nightjars go?

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12th September 2016

Resolving the puzzle of Short-toed Eagle migration

Posted in: bird movements, gps tags, Migration, raptors, satellite tracking

Do juvenile Short-toed Eagles learn the detoured route from adults?

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6th June 2016

Tracking Black-headed Grosbeak through the annual cycle

Posted in: bird movements, gps tags, Migration, molt, moult, raptors, tracking

GPS-tracking reveals non-breeding locations and apparent molt-migration

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14th March 2016

Mitigation or Compensation: Captive-breeding Houbara

Posted in: captive-bred, captive-breeding, Conservation, geolocator, gps tags, hunting pressure, re-introduction, tracking

Can captive-breeding support the hunted Asian Houbara?

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