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28th November 2019

The flight of the Woodcock

Posted in: breeding, geolocator, Migration

What conditions influence the migratory movements of this bird?

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25th March 2019

Regular overland migration of Arctic Terns

Posted in: geolocator, Migration, Seabirds, tracking

Arctic Terns migrate on a global scale and marine routes can take second place to overland migration

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11th March 2019

Where and when do Northern Fulmar moult?

Posted in: geolocator, moult, phenology, Seabirds, tracking

Pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge in seabird ecology

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16th February 2019

Fast autumns and slower springs

Posted in: geolocator, migrant, Migration, shorebirds, tracking, waders

Icelandic Whimbrel bend the rule of faster spring migration

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16th April 2018

O’ partner, where were thou?

Posted in: geolocator, Migration, monogamy, pair-bond, Seabirds

Auklet mates synchronize their activity after independent migration

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19th June 2017

Tracking is 90% catching

Posted in: bird movements, geolocator, Mediterranean forest, migrant, Migration, movements, tracking

To track small birds you need to catch them; twice…

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10th May 2017

Nightjars on migration

Posted in: bird movements, geolocator, gps tags, migrant, Migration, satellite tracking

Where do European Nightjars go?

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14th March 2016

Mitigation or Compensation: Captive-breeding Houbara

Posted in: captive-bred, captive-breeding, Conservation, geolocator, gps tags, hunting pressure, re-introduction, tracking

Can captive-breeding support the hunted Asian Houbara?

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12th October 2015

Migratory connectivity in European Rollers

Posted in: connectivity, Conservation, distribution, geolocator, Migration, mortality, News, Science, tracking

Bringing it all together

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3rd August 2015

Tracking Pied Flycatchers

Posted in: distribution, geolocator, Migration, News, Science, tracking, wintering, woodland birds

When, how and where?

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5th January 2015

A home away from home: flickers use cavities all year

Posted in: breeding, geolocator, habitat, Migration, phenology, Science, tracking

Technology reveals the extent of cavity use by Norther Flicker

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6th October 2014

Identifying offshore protected areas for seabirds

Posted in: breeding, foraging, geolocator, protected areas, Science, Seabirds

Where do seabirds forage? And why do we need to know?

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22nd September 2014

Shetland’s phalaropes go WHERE . . . ?!

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, geolocator, Migration, Science, tracking, wintering

A Scottish Red-necked Phalarope wintered somewhere totally unexpected . . .

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