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13th June 2018

Understanding the decline of the Common Cuckoo

Posted in: bird atlas, breeding, breeding biology, cuckoos, distribution, ecology, foraging

England’s loss is Scotland’s gain

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12th February 2018

On the rocks: Rock Sandpipers and cold Alaskan winters

Posted in: foraging, non-breeding ecology, waders

The not-so-obvious reasons why Rock Sandpipers winter in Alaska

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9th January 2017


Posted in: feathers, flight, foraging, Migration, molt, moult, tracking, weather, wind

A look at the special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, examining how flying animals respond to the challenges – and opportunities – that come with moving in a medium that is, itself, on the move.

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2nd May 2016

Seed dispersal by scatter-hoarding corvids

Posted in: behaviour, corvids, ecology, foraging, mutualism, scatter-hoarding, seed dispersal, woodland birds

Mutualism with food-storing birds helps tree populations on the move

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11th April 2016

Diet of a threatened island pigeon

Posted in: diet, diet composition, DNA barcoding, DNA sequencing, ecology, endangered, foraging, islands birds, pigeon

Foraging strategy of the Red-headed Wood Pigeon in disturbed islands

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2nd November 2015


Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, breeding, Conferences, Farmland birds, foraging, habitat, raptors, Science, tracking

Improving foraging conditions for Montagu’s Harriers

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5th October 2015

Puffins have an eye for small fry

Posted in: adaptation, behaviour, evolution, foraging, Science, Seabirds

Visual fields in auks

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7th September 2015

Parental resource allocation varies throughout offspring development

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, foraging, Science, Seabirds

Response to changing offspring energy demands

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6th July 2015

Food-stealing in an avian assemblage

Posted in: behaviour, foraging, kleptoparasitism, News, shorebirds, waders

Effects of klepto-parasitism on feeding waders

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15th June 2015

What more can helpers give?

Posted in: breeding, foraging, News

What help brings most benefit?

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8th June 2015

Range expansion of non-native Acacia species: Acacia cyclops and birds

Posted in: Conservation, foraging, habitat, News, non-natives, Seabirds

Do birds disperse non-native plants?

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30th March 2015

The globally threatened Aquatic Warbler

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, foraging, habitat, Migration, protected areas, Science, wetlands

Do we know enough to save it?

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9th March 2015

The secret lives of Nightjars

Posted in: breeding, foraging, habitat, News, Science, tracking, woodland birds

Shedding light on a mysterious species

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2nd March 2015

When should you eat?

Posted in: breeding, foraging, habitat, mortality, Science, woodland birds

Which feeding strategy is better for reproductive success?

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28th January 2015

A twist in the tale: Red Kites are back in town

Posted in: distribution, foraging, gardens, habitat, raptors, Science

Why are so many Red Kites visiting our towns?

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19th January 2015

Bycatch in gillnet fisheries: a bird’s eye view

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, fisheries, foraging, mortality, Science, Seabirds

Can we reduce the 400,000 bird deaths caused by gillnets each year?

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6th October 2014

Identifying offshore protected areas for seabirds

Posted in: breeding, foraging, geolocator, protected areas, Science, Seabirds

Where do seabirds forage? And why do we need to know?

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