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26th August 2019

Don’t move. Winter is coming.

Posted in: annual cycle, flight, gps tags, Migration, movements, short-distance migration, soaring birds

What do Dalmatian Pelicans do when it gets cold?

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30th May 2019

Soaring over Scotland

Posted in: birds of prey, flight, gps tags, habitat selection, News, raptors

Golden Eagles prefer particular slopes to gain altitude

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4th March 2019

Harris’s Hawk flying for science (and treats)

Posted in: acceleration, birds of prey, flight, News

Using accelerometry to calculate energetic costs of flying Harris’s Hawks

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20th November 2017

Outsiders: Size, but not Shape, Matters

Posted in: bird movements, flight, migrant, soaring birds, vultures

Contrasting flapping counterparts, wing shape and migratory habits are unrelated in soaring birds

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18th September 2017

Towards a chicken’s breast

Posted in: evolution, flight, palaeontology

How an important skeletomuscular correlate of flapping flight evolved

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10th July 2017

Short tails in a severe winter

Posted in: flight, selection, survival, winter

A once-in-a-century severe winter revealed selection for short-tailed Pacific Swallows

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9th January 2017


Posted in: feathers, flight, foraging, Migration, molt, moult, tracking, weather, wind

A look at the special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, examining how flying animals respond to the challenges – and opportunities – that come with moving in a medium that is, itself, on the move.

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