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18th April 2019

Are Burrowing Owls stuck in an ecological trap?

Posted in: agriculture, breeding, Disturbance, fledglings, habitat selection, News

Exploring the influence of agriculture on nesting success.

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30th July 2018

Conspecific brood parasitism in Prothonotary Warblers

Posted in: breeding biology, brood parasitism, fledglings, Genetics, nest monitoring, nesting, nesting success, News

Parasites or orphans? What are the costs of raising additional, unrelated chicks?

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20th March 2017

Sensitive females and costly males

Posted in: behaviour, fledglings, Seabirds

Are female African penguins more vulnerable than males?

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22nd August 2016

Is handling stressful for birds?

Posted in: bird handling, fledglings, Seabirds

Assessing the effects of handling on nestlings: a case study of the European Storm Petrel

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