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4th August 2017

How social is #AOSSCO17?

Posted in: Community, Conferences, engagement, Facebook, scicomm, science communication, social media, Twitter

Ornithologists are a social bunch, which is easy to see at #AOSSCO17 here in Michigan. But can we measure how social they are in promoting their research, particularly online? Steve Dudley BOU   At #NAOC2016 last year, I attempted to measure the social media presence of those attending the largest ever ornithology meeting. The only […]

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14th July 2017

The BOU: who we are, what we do

Posted in: blog, blogging, BOU, BOU series, BOURC, Community, early career, early-career researcher, ECR, engagement, funding, grants, Grants Committee, IBIS, Journal, People, Records Committee, sciblogging, scicomm, science blogging, science communication, social media, volunteers

BOU is about community. Learn about why we do what we do from some of our members.

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5th April 2017

#BOU2017: International and inspiring

Posted in: Community, Conferences, early career, early-career researcher, ECR, engagement

Why the BOU Annual Conference is always a good idea

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3rd August 2016

Let the BOU work for YOU . . on social media

Posted in: engagement, Facebook, Journal, People, science communication, social media, Twitter

Ornithology on social media

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