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1st July 2019

Photographing gull eggs

Posted in: Conservation, diet, eggs, Seabirds, stable isotopes

How resource use can affect egg traits in Herring Gulls

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23rd June 2019

#ORNITHOLODAY | 3 July 2019

Posted in: eggs, endangered, oology, population dynamics, population recovery, populations, Science, threatened species

The implications of egg failure for threatened bird species

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13th May 2019

Moving the eggs, reallocating the warmth

Posted in: eggs, incubation

Is hatching asynchrony adjustable by egg repositioning during incubation?

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24th September 2018

The shape of birds’ eggs

Posted in: eggs, evolution, incubation, Seabirds

Does selection during the incubation period influence egg shape?

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15th November 2017

How to build a stronger eggshell

Posted in: eggs

A rare mineral in eggshells acts as a shock absorber

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2nd May 2017

The point of a Guillemot’s egg

Posted in: adaptation, eggs

Why did the Common Guillemot’s egg evolve its pear-like shape?

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7th March 2016

Avian camouflage really does hinder predators

Posted in: adaptation, behaviour, breeding, camouflage, cryptic, eggs, evolution, habitat

Camouflage does protect nesting birds from being eaten

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