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DNA sequencing

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1st August 2019

Just what is a species?

Posted in: cryptic species, DNA sequencing, Genetics, News, Seabirds, storm-petrels

Cryptic species of storm-petrels uncovered using DNA sequencing

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21st March 2019

Where did the trogons come from?

Posted in: biodiversity, demography, diversification, DNA sequencing, evolution, News, palaeontology, phylogeny

Genetic study traces the origins of this tropical bird family

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18th April 2017

A giant hidden in the rainforest

Posted in: DNA sequencing, Taxonomy, tropical birds

The enigmatic São Tomé Grosbeak is the World’s largest canary

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11th April 2016

Diet of a threatened island pigeon

Posted in: diet, diet composition, DNA barcoding, DNA sequencing, ecology, endangered, foraging, islands birds, pigeon

Foraging strategy of the Red-headed Wood Pigeon in disturbed islands

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