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16th September 2019

The lie of the “black lightning”: signal reliability in a seabird

Posted in: colouration, Disturbance, plumage, Seabirds

Does Storm Petrels’ plumage coloration reliably signal body condition?

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18th April 2019

Are Burrowing Owls stuck in an ecological trap?

Posted in: agriculture, breeding, Disturbance, fledglings, habitat selection, News

Exploring the influence of agriculture on nesting success.

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6th August 2018

Birds of many feathers flock together

Posted in: community ecology, Disturbance, species interactions

Exploring bird associations across environmental and human disturbance gradients

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9th July 2018

Little Bustard habitat selection and traffic noise pollution

Posted in: Disturbance, noise pollution, road traffic, steppe birds

How does traffic noise influence the spatial distribution of Little Bustards?

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8th January 2018

Assessing impacts of monitoring Whinchat nests

Posted in: behaviour, Disturbance, nest monitoring, nesting success

Does nest monitoring by researchers badger Whinchats?

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7th August 2017

Embryonic hypothermia tolerance: adaptation to disturbance?

Posted in: adaptation, Disturbance, incubation, nesting

Unusual incubation behaviour and embryonic tolerance of hypothermia in the Sichuan Partridge

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5th September 2016

Quantifying wintering waders’ responses to disturbance

Posted in: Disturbance, shorebirds, waders, wintering

Low costs of individual responses to disturbance suggest no significant impact on foraging waders

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25th January 2016

The plight of the Egyptian Vulture . . .

Posted in: behaviour, Bird Protection, breeding, communal, Conservation, Disturbance, endangered, nesting, population dynamics, raptors, roost, Science

. . . and hopes for the future

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28th September 2015

Can Icelandic Whimbrels rise from the ashes?

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, habitat, Science, shorebirds, waders

When in Spring 2010 Eyjafjallajökull’s volcanic eruption grounded most of the western world, Icelandic Whimbrels kept pushing North through the dust cloud.   José A. Alves Universities of Aveiro (CESAM) and Iceland   LINKED PAPER The effects of habitat type and volcanic eruptions on the breeding demography of Icelandic Whimbrels Numenius phaeopus. Katrínardóttir, B., Alves, […]

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16th March 2015

Of drones and birds

Posted in: Disturbance, News, Science, tracking

Does the presence of drones bother birds?

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24th November 2014

Offshore wind: the importance of bird density and breeding season definitions

Posted in: Bird Protection, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, Migration, News, renewable energy, Seabirds, tracking, wind farms

Offshore collision risk modelling can be insufficiently precautionary

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13th November 2012

Bewick’s Swans reveal where they get disturbed

Posted in: Disturbance, Science

Study shows where Bewick’s Swans are disturbed on their winter feeding grounds

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