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11th December 2017

Rufous-headed Robin – on the brink of extinction?

Posted in: distribution, phylogeny, song

Or has the Rufous-headed Robin already gone extinct?

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6th December 2017

The heat is on for British birds

Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, bird movements, Bird Protection, breeding, Breeding Bird Survey, climate change, distribution, ecology, habitat, Migration, monitoring, Nest Record Scheme, News, phenology, population dynamics, survey, Wetland Bird Survey

What is the evidence for climate change? How will UK bird communities adapt?

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30th May 2016

The riddle of elevation for tropical birds

Posted in: bird communities, bird song, cloud forest, competition, distribution, song, tropical birds

Does interspecific aggression influence elevational limits in closely related species that replace one another along the elevational gradient?

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9th May 2016

Climate and the wanderings of a colourful marshbird

Posted in: climate change, distribution, ecology, global change, marsh birds, migrant, Migration, vagrancy, vagrant birds, wetlands

What drives vagrancy of Purple Gallinules?

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21st December 2015

Using seabird tracking data for marine conservation

Posted in: Conservation, distribution, Science, Seabirds, tracking

An unprecedented initiative to tackle threats to seabirds

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12th October 2015

Migratory connectivity in European Rollers

Posted in: connectivity, Conservation, distribution, geolocator, Migration, mortality, News, Science, tracking

Bringing it all together

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3rd August 2015

Tracking Pied Flycatchers

Posted in: distribution, geolocator, Migration, News, Science, tracking, wintering, woodland birds

When, how and where?

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27th April 2015

Dartford Warbler: unplanned fires and opportunities for conservation

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, distribution, global change, habitat, Science, weather

How will global change affect the distribution of the Dartford Warbler?

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28th January 2015

A twist in the tale: Red Kites are back in town

Posted in: distribution, foraging, gardens, habitat, raptors, Science

Why are so many Red Kites visiting our towns?

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22nd December 2014

Do birds of a feather flock together?

Posted in: breeding, Conservation, distribution, habitat, wetlands

How habitat preferences vary

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3rd November 2014

Forest flapper not plains plodder

Posted in: distribution, Genetics, News, palaeontology, Science, Taxonomy

Plains-wanderers came from the trees

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13th October 2014

A tale of two kites

Posted in: distribution, Migration, News, raptors, Science, tracking

Web-based biodiversity data reveals a sedentary species is in fact a migrant

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