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23rd July 2018

Lyrebirds are truffle-eating foodies!

Posted in: diet, diet composition, foraging, fungi (diet), seed/spore dispersal (diet)

Are lyrebirds and their relatives an overlooked disperser of fungi?

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27th December 2017

Concerns for Guillemot chicks on Skomer

Posted in: climate change, diet, diet composition, monitoring, Seabirds

Long-term monitoring is key to understanding changes in Guillemot populations

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4th December 2017

Shag diet: A new fad?

Posted in: climate change, diet, diet composition, Seabirds

Shag diet composition diversifies over 3 decades due to ocean warming

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3rd January 2017

Turtle Dove diet in Mediterranean forest areas

Posted in: agriculture, diet, diet composition, Mediterranean forest

What kind of wild seeds are consumed by Turtle Doves in forest areas?

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5th December 2016

Winter Buzzard diet on a Red Grouse moor

Posted in: diet, diet composition, raptors, red grouse

What’s on the menu for buzzards this winter?

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23rd May 2016

What do Galapagos Hawks eat after the goats are gone?

Posted in: Conservation, diet, diet composition, ecology, habitat, island birds, non-natives, raptors

After the eradication of exotic goats on Santiago Island, Galapagos hawks prey deliveries consist mainly of introduced black rats

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11th April 2016

Diet of a threatened island pigeon

Posted in: diet, diet composition, DNA barcoding, DNA sequencing, ecology, endangered, foraging, islands birds, pigeon

Foraging strategy of the Red-headed Wood Pigeon in disturbed islands

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