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21st March 2019

Where did the trogons come from?

Posted in: biodiversity, demography, diversification, DNA sequencing, evolution, News, palaeontology, phylogeny

Genetic study traces the origins of this tropical bird family. Jente Ottenburghs Uppsala University, Sweden LINKED PAPER Rapid Laurasian diversification of a pantropical bird family during the Oligocene–Miocene transition. Oliveros, C. H., Anderson, M. J., Hosner, P. A., Mauck III, W. M., Sheldon, F. H., Cracraft, J. & Moyle, R. G. 2019. IBIS. DOI: 10.1111/ibi.12707. […]

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13th December 2017

The changing survival of Bewick’s Swans

Posted in: adult survival, citizen science, demography

A long-term mark-resight study gives insight into falling swan numbers

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14th November 2016

Reversing population declines in migratory bird species

Posted in: adult survival, Conservation, demography, migrant, Migration, productivity

Could increasing productivity reverse declines in Willow Warbler populations?

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