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13th September 2013

What do we know about the effect of disease on Turtle Doves?

Posted in: Conservation, Farmland birds, News, Science

The Turtle Dove is in serious decline across northern Europe. To understand what may be behind this decline, all aspects of the species' ecology is being investigated, including the effects of disease

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20th June 2013

EU Common Agricultural Policy Reform

Posted in: Conservation, Farmland birds

45% of Europe’s landmass is given over to agriculture which places a huge pressure on biodiversity of the continent

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28th February 2013

Lost and found – the storm-petrel back from extinction

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, News, Seabirds

‘Extinct’ New Zealand Storm-petrel found breeding 150 years after last being seen

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11th December 2012

How useful are species?

Posted in: Conservation, Science, Taxonomy

That biodiversity is valuable and worth conserving is something about which most people with an interest in the environment can agree. But what is 'biodiversity-?

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