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24th September 2020

The call of the Kea

Posted in: behaviour, bioacoustics, communication, nest predation, parrot

Female Kea use distinct calls to communicate with their offspring.

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19th July 2017

Of writing and Redshanks – the benefits of blogging with the BOU

Posted in: Altmetric, blog, blogging, BOU, BOU series, communication, Community, IBIS, Journal, People, sciblogging, scicomm, Science, science blogging, science communication, social media

#theBOUblog has forged a reputation for delivering for authors wanting to promote their research

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16th June 2017

2016 journal Impact Factors: Ornithology

Posted in: Altmetric, BOU, communication, Community, IBIS, Journal, journal metrics

What is the importance of journal Impact Factors?

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