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19th September 2019

Eight simple rules for citizen science

Posted in: biodiversity, breeding, citizen science, distribution, News, raptors, tropical birds

As exemplified by the Rufous-thighed Kite.

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4th June 2018

Yellowhammers tweet with regional hashtags

Posted in: bird song, citizen science

Citizen scientists help to map regional birdsong dialects across Europe

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8th March 2018

Comparing shorebird survival across the globe

Posted in: bird movements, breeding biology, citizen science, colour ringing/banding, ecology, IBIS, Migration, monitoring, movements, population dynamics, shorebirds, survival, tracking, waders

High adult annual survival rate is critical to population stability, but how do shorebird survival rates vary around the world?

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13th December 2017

The changing survival of Bewick’s Swans

Posted in: adult survival, citizen science, demography

A long-term mark-resight study gives insight into falling swan numbers

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