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31st October 2019

The social lives of Pheasants

Posted in: behaviour, captive-bred, experiment, Galliformes, population dynamics

Experimental study finds sexual segregation in time and space.

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3rd April 2017

Lazy bustards: captive-bred Houbara migrate late

Posted in: captive-bred, captive-breeding, Migration

Do captive-bred Asian Houbara replicate wild migration strategies?

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3rd October 2016

Nest predation in hybrid quails

Posted in: captive-bred, Farmland birds, game bird, hybrids, nest predation, nesting, Science, tracking

Could nest-site selection explain the lack of a hybrid quail swarm?

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14th March 2016

Mitigation or Compensation: Captive-breeding Houbara

Posted in: captive-bred, captive-breeding, Conservation, geolocator, gps tags, hunting pressure, re-introduction, tracking

Can captive-breeding support the hunted Asian Houbara?

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