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21st May 2020

How to save the Regent Honeyeater?

Posted in: breeding biology, Conservation, monitoring, News

Survey points to habitat loss, low nesting success and a biased sex ratio as major threats

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20th February 2020

Round Island fieldwork

Posted in: BOU, BOU Warham Student, BOU-funded, breeding, breeding biology, camara traps, early career, early-career researcher, ECR, hybridization, islands, islands birds, monitoring, passive monitoring, remote sensing, Seabirds

Warham PhD Student Kirsty Franklin, tells us about her first field season in the Indian Ocean

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17th March 2019

Highlights from the latest issue of IBIS

Posted in: breeding biology, climate change, IBIS, Seabirds

The editors’ picks from our latest issue

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30th July 2018

Conspecific brood parasitism in Prothonotary Warblers

Posted in: breeding biology, brood parasitism, fledglings, Genetics, nest monitoring, nesting, nesting success, News

Parasites or orphans? What are the costs of raising additional, unrelated chicks?

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13th June 2018

Understanding the decline of the Common Cuckoo

Posted in: bird atlas, breeding, breeding biology, cuckoos, distribution, ecology, foraging

England’s loss is Scotland’s gain

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8th March 2018

Comparing shorebird survival across the globe

Posted in: bird movements, breeding biology, citizen science, colour ringing/banding, ecology, IBIS, Migration, monitoring, movements, population dynamics, shorebirds, survival, tracking, waders

High adult annual survival rate is critical to population stability, but how do shorebird survival rates vary around the world?

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24th July 2017

Let’s go to the field

Posted in: breeding biology, fieldwork, life history, natural history

Advancing ornithology through advancing understanding of natural history

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