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17th October 2019

A vocal bottleneck in the Common Myna

Posted in: bioacoustics, bird song, News, non-natives

Colonization of new areas leads to reduced song complexity

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4th April 2019

A South American symphony

Posted in: bioacoustics, bird song, forest birds, News

How natural selection shapes the sounds diversity in a Brazilian bird assemblage.

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18th June 2018

Song evolution in the ‘blue’ cardinals

Posted in: bird song, evolution, song

What do nymphs, pan pipes and bird song have in common?

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4th June 2018

Yellowhammers tweet with regional hashtags

Posted in: bird song, citizen science

Citizen scientists help to map regional birdsong dialects across Europe

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13th June 2016

Comparing methodologies for avian monitoring

Posted in: bird assemblages, bird song, cerrado, monitoring, recording, survey

Can automatic recorders facilitate field research and improve avian monitoring?

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30th May 2016

The riddle of elevation for tropical birds

Posted in: bird communities, bird song, cloud forest, competition, distribution, song, tropical birds

Does interspecific aggression influence elevational limits in closely related species that replace one another along the elevational gradient?

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25th April 2016

Broadbills sing with their wings

Posted in: behaviour, bird song, communications, display, non-vocal communication, song, sound

How do Broadbills produce that loud mechanical sound while displaying?

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