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6th December 2017

The heat is on for British birds

Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, bird movements, Bird Protection, breeding, Breeding Bird Survey, climate change, distribution, ecology, habitat, Migration, monitoring, Nest Record Scheme, News, phenology, population dynamics, survey, Wetland Bird Survey

What is the evidence for climate change? How will UK bird communities adapt?

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25th January 2016

The plight of the Egyptian Vulture . . .

Posted in: behaviour, Bird Protection, breeding, communal, Conservation, Disturbance, endangered, nesting, population dynamics, raptors, roost, Science

. . . and hopes for the future

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14th September 2015

What the EU does for birds

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, EU, legislation

The Birds Directive

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3rd June 2015

The European Red List of Birds

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, Science

A new basis for European bird conservation

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19th January 2015

Bycatch in gillnet fisheries: a bird’s eye view

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, fisheries, foraging, mortality, Science, Seabirds

Can we reduce the 400,000 bird deaths caused by gillnets each year?

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24th November 2014

Offshore wind: the importance of bird density and breeding season definitions

Posted in: Bird Protection, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, Migration, News, renewable energy, Seabirds, tracking, wind farms

Offshore collision risk modelling can be insufficiently precautionary

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17th April 2013

Marine renewables and birds

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conferences, Science, Seabirds

Marine renewables and birds – how far have we come and where next for research?

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28th February 2013

Lost and found – the storm-petrel back from extinction

Posted in: Bird Protection, Conservation, News, Seabirds

‘Extinct’ New Zealand Storm-petrel found breeding 150 years after last being seen

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White-tailed Eagle

18th June 2012

Where eagles ‘once’ dared

Posted in: Bird Protection, News, Science

A study of place-names reveals the extent of a once thriving eagle population roaming over a very different landscape to today

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