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14th May 2018

Understanding the role of large raptors in modified ecosystems

Posted in: bird communities, birds of prey, ecology, predation, raptors

Influence of large raptors on other predator species

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6th December 2017

The heat is on for British birds

Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, bird movements, Bird Protection, breeding, Breeding Bird Survey, climate change, distribution, ecology, habitat, Migration, monitoring, Nest Record Scheme, News, phenology, population dynamics, survey, Wetland Bird Survey

What is the evidence for climate change? How will UK bird communities adapt?

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8th August 2016

The march of the triffids

Posted in: agriculture, biodiversity, bird communities, connectivity, Conservation, forest birds, habitat, land management, land use, tropical birds

Shifting agriculture supports more rainforest birds than oil palm or teak monocultures.

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30th May 2016

The riddle of elevation for tropical birds

Posted in: bird communities, bird song, cloud forest, competition, distribution, song, tropical birds

Does interspecific aggression influence elevational limits in closely related species that replace one another along the elevational gradient?

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11th January 2016

Living close, doing differently

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, colour ringing/banding, Science, Seabirds, tracking, winter, wintering

Breeding and wintering Mediterranean Gulls do not mix

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7th December 2015

New insights into the effects of climate change on Europe’s breeding birds

Posted in: adaptation, bird communities, breeding, climate change, ecology, migrant, phenology, Science

Effects of changing seasonal weather conditions

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2nd November 2015


Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, breeding, Conferences, Farmland birds, foraging, habitat, raptors, Science, tracking

Improving foraging conditions for Montagu’s Harriers

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26th October 2015

Nesting in the muck

Posted in: behaviour, bird communities, breeding, habitat, Science

Black Larks’ love for dung

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19th October 2015

Do non-native birds compete or coexist with native species?

Posted in: bird assemblages, bird communities, competition, Science

Friend or foe?

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28th September 2015

Can Icelandic Whimbrels rise from the ashes?

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, Conservation, Disturbance, habitat, Science, shorebirds, waders

When in Spring 2010 Eyjafjallajökull’s volcanic eruption grounded most of the western world, Icelandic Whimbrels kept pushing North through the dust cloud.   José A. Alves Universities of Aveiro (CESAM) and Iceland   LINKED PAPER The effects of habitat type and volcanic eruptions on the breeding demography of Icelandic Whimbrels Numenius phaeopus. Katrínardóttir, B., Alves, […]

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7th September 2015

Parental resource allocation varies throughout offspring development

Posted in: bird communities, breeding, foraging, Science, Seabirds

Response to changing offspring energy demands

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13th July 2015

Bird song – it’s complicated

Posted in: behaviour, bird assemblages, bird communities, News, song

Birds sing more complex songs in simpler communities

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