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bird assemblages

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7th May 2020

Artificial nests reshape a bird community

Posted in: behaviour, bird assemblages, nest predation, News, raptors

Adding nesting-sites for Lesser Kestrels influences interactions with other bird species.

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13th June 2016

Comparing methodologies for avian monitoring

Posted in: bird assemblages, bird song, cerrado, monitoring, recording, survey

Can automatic recorders facilitate field research and improve avian monitoring?

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16th November 2015

Ghost robins in the New Guinean cloud forest

Posted in: bird assemblages, competition, forest birds, habitat, Science

Twos company?

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19th October 2015

Do non-native birds compete or coexist with native species?

Posted in: bird assemblages, bird communities, competition, Science

Friend or foe?

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13th July 2015

Bird song – it’s complicated

Posted in: behaviour, bird assemblages, bird communities, News, song

Birds sing more complex songs in simpler communities

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