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10th September 2020

How many Scarlet Macaw subspecies are there?

Posted in: biodiversity, Genetics, News, Psittaciformes, Taxonomy

And what does this mean for the conservation of this species?

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20th January 2020

Threat of fracking to arid-zone birds

Posted in: arid zone, biodiversity, endemic, fracking, water quality

How many species are likely to be affected?

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6th January 2020

A proliferation of prinia species

Posted in: biodiversity, morphology, phylogeny, systematics, vocalisations, vocalizations

Five instead of two species in the Striated Prinia–Brown Prinia complex revealed

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19th September 2019

Eight simple rules for citizen science

Posted in: biodiversity, breeding, citizen science, distribution, News, raptors, tropical birds

As exemplified by the Rufous-thighed Kite.

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21st March 2019

Where did the trogons come from?

Posted in: biodiversity, demography, diversification, DNA sequencing, evolution, News, palaeontology, phylogeny

Genetic study traces the origins of this tropical bird family

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6th December 2017

The heat is on for British birds

Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, bird movements, Bird Protection, breeding, Breeding Bird Survey, climate change, distribution, ecology, habitat, Migration, monitoring, Nest Record Scheme, News, phenology, population dynamics, survey, Wetland Bird Survey

What is the evidence for climate change? How will UK bird communities adapt?

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8th August 2016

The march of the triffids

Posted in: agriculture, biodiversity, bird communities, connectivity, Conservation, forest birds, habitat, land management, land use, tropical birds

Shifting agriculture supports more rainforest birds than oil palm or teak monocultures.

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22nd February 2016

Figurehead bird conservation – wider biodiversity benefits?

Posted in: biodiversity, Conservation, grass heath, grassland, habitat

Will creating Stone-curlew habitat benefit rare plants and invertebrates?

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2nd November 2015


Posted in: biodiversity, bird communities, breeding, Conferences, Farmland birds, foraging, habitat, raptors, Science, tracking

Improving foraging conditions for Montagu’s Harriers

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21st September 2015

Mark My Bird: understanding the evolution of birds and bills

Posted in: adaptation, behaviour, biodiversity, crowd-sourcing, diversification, evolution, morphology, Science

Why birds diversified

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