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24th September 2020

The call of the Kea

Posted in: behaviour, bioacoustics, communication, nest predation, parrot

Female Kea use distinct calls to communicate with their offspring.

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17th October 2019

A vocal bottleneck in the Common Myna

Posted in: bioacoustics, bird song, News, non-natives

Colonization of new areas leads to reduced song complexity

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5th September 2019

Booming Bitterns

Posted in: bioacoustics, camouflage, Conservation, cryptic, monitoring, News, nocturnal birds, sound

When is the best time to monitor bitterns?

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4th April 2019

A South American symphony

Posted in: bioacoustics, bird song, forest birds, News

How natural selection shapes the sounds diversity in a Brazilian bird assemblage.

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10th April 2017

Introducing Solo: an open-source audio recorder for bioacoustic research

Posted in: bioacoustics, open source, passive acoustic monitoring, technology, woodland birds

Inexpensive tool could provide new insights into avian ecology

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