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alpine birds

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21st May 2018

What’s a mountain?

Posted in: alpine birds, climate change

Which species are ‘mountain birds’ and what is their status in a fast-changing environment?

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9th April 2018

Weathering the storm

Posted in: alpine birds, nesting, phenotypic plasticity, thermoregulation

How nesting behaviour may buffer alpine songbirds against weather variability

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22nd January 2018

The importance of new native woodland for Black Grouse

Posted in: alpine birds, habitat, habitat restoration, woodland birds

Could the creation of new native woodland contribute to landscape-scale recovery of black grouse after decades of decline?

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20th February 2017

Snowfinch population structure in western Europe

Posted in: adaptation, adult survival, alpine birds, Genetics, movements, population dynamics, Science

Integrating genetic and stable isotope analyses to infer Snowfinch population’s connectivity

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23rd January 2017

Connections between the Andes and the mountains of Brazil

Posted in: alpine birds, cloud forest, Genetics, Taxonomy, tropical birds

Discovery of new species supports previous climatic and environmental connections between the Andes Mountains and the mountains of eastern Brazil.

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15th August 2016

In search of the sacred birds of India

Posted in: alpine birds, Conservation, vultures

The Himalayan Griffon in the western Himalayas

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7th April 2014

#BOU2014 – upland and alpine birds conference

Posted in: alpine birds, Community, Conferences, Conservation, Science, upland birds

#BOU14 in photos and a few words

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