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adult survival

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13th December 2017

The changing survival of Bewick’s Swans

Posted in: adult survival, citizen science, demography

A long-term mark-resight study gives insight into falling swan numbers

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20th February 2017

Snowfinch population structure in western Europe

Posted in: adaptation, adult survival, alpine birds, Genetics, movements, population dynamics, Science

Integrating genetic and stable isotope analyses to infer Snowfinch population’s connectivity

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14th November 2016

Reversing population declines in migratory bird species

Posted in: adult survival, Conservation, demography, migrant, Migration, productivity

Could increasing productivity reverse declines in Willow Warbler populations?

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23rd November 2015

Survival out the nest: southern birds do best

Posted in: adult survival, breeding, colour ringing/banding, evolution, fledgling survival, life history, survival, tracking


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