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Using social media to promote ornithological research and contribute to published articles’ altmetrics

A #BTcon17 @Biotweeps Twitter Conference presentation

Steve Dudley
#BTcon17 Twitter conference presentations comprised six tweets with attached media. Here is my presentation of tweets with attached slides plus additional links to further information.
Slide1 - intro
1 #BTcon17 @IBIS_journal educates our #ornithology community about benefits of #socialmedia #scicomm in research and value of #altmetrics

Social media use in ornithology Steve Dudley’s EOU2015 presentation
The RSPB’s use of Altmetric data Jen Smart’s EOU2015 presentation
What is Altmetric?
Let the BOU work for YOU . . altmetrics
Slide2 - hashtag
2 #BTcon17 Hashtags work! The #ornithology tag provides a focal point for avian #science reaching a huge audience around the world #scicomm

The #ornithology tag on Twitter
How social are ornithologists?
Slide3 - blogging
3 #BTcon17 #Sciblogging is an easy way to make a research article more accessible & is 2nd highest contributor to your article’s #altmetrics 

Let the BOU work for YOU . . with blogging
How social are ornithologists?
Blogging to ‘waderologists’ Graham Appleton’s Wader Study article
Slide4 - BirdStudy
4 #BTcon17 @IBIS_journal promotes #ornithology on #socialmedia contributing to community’s overall #altmetrics See https://ow.ly/Kzlt30aJixg

Habitat characteristics of breeding Eurasian Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus on Mainland Shetland, Scotland, UK
What is Altmetric?
Let the BOU work for YOU . . altmetrics
Slide5 - Nicky
5 #BTcon17 Researchers can promote their own articles on #socialmedia, RT others’ links to research papers: all contribute to #altmetrics  

The potential breeding range of Slender-billed Curlew Numenius tenuirostris identified from stable-isotope analysis
What is Altmetric?
Let the BOU work for YOU . . altmetrics
Nicola Crockford on Twitter @numenini
BirdLife on Twitter @BirdLife_news
Slide6 - Arjun
6 #BTcon17 Used well #socialmedia is great for promoting your research, driving your publications #altmetrics and collaborating with others

A review of the impacts of corvids on bird productivity and abundance
Using Twitter to promote your research and drive your papers’ Altmetrics Arjun Amar’s EOU2015 presentation
What is Altmetric?
Let the BOU work for YOU . . altmetrics
Arjun Amar on Twitter @arjundevamar

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Steve Dudley, the BOU’s Senior Administrator of 20 years, has overall responsibility for the day to day running of the BOU and all our activities including social media and communications.

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