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NOMINEES & VOTING for social media award
NOMINEES & VOTING for #theBOUblog award

Meet our international Science Communication Awards Panel
In recent years the BOU has been at the forefront of promoting science communication within ornithology. We champion the use of social media for promoting and discussing research, and #theBOUblog is one of the most-read avian science blogs.

Online mentions of research articles can now be measured using altmetrics. Since their introduction we’ve educated our community about the role of altmetrics, used them to measure the overall reach of ornithological articles, and to investigate the key communication channels which contribute to the altmetrics of avian science articles.

We are now introducing two awards that recognise science communication excellence in ornithology, focusing on the primary contributors to ornithological altmetrics – social media (specifically Twitter and Facebook) and blogging. Read on . . .

The first award will recognise an individual’s science communication excellence on either of the two social media platforms that our community prefers to use for communicating its avian science research: Twitter and Facebook.

During 2019 we want you to keep an eye out for great ornithological scicomm on Twitter and Facebook and be ready to nominate people once we announce the nomination process later in the year.
Our blog, #theBOUblog, remains a key online communication tool within the global ornithological community. We publish more new content (66 blog posts in 2018) than any other avian science society or journal blog, our blog posts are written by research paper authors themselves, and to celebrate the high quality of their posts we are introducing an annual award for the ‘Best of #theBOUblog’.

We will kick off this award at the end of 2019 – look out for further information and nomination process later in the year.
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Meet our international Science Communication Awards Panel

We’re very grateful to Leica Camera UK for providing prizes for this years awards.

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