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Equality & Diversity Support Officer

4 March 2019

The BOU is delighted to announce the appointment of Graham Rowe (University of Derby) as our new Equality & Diversity Support Officer.

Graham is a molecular ecologist teaching on a range of subjects including molecular genetics and DNA technologies, molecular evolution, population and conservation genetics, ecology, conservation biology and macroevolution.

He has championed widening participation and inclusivity at the University of Derby in the hope that he could help to improve the experiences of the future generations, and has served as Chair of the University of Derby’s LGBT Awareness Group (2009-2016) and the University’s Governing Council (2014-2016).

Graham has taken up his honorary position as Equality & Diversity Support Officer, and a member of the BOU’s Engagement Committee, and will be working with the BOU’s Equality & Diversity Working Group in delivering our E&D commitments across our various activities.

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Graham Rowe (with skeleton of a Dodo) © University of Derby

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