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BOU Council

The BOU is managed by a Council of Trustees. Members are elected by the society membership at the Annual General Meeting. Trustees normally serve as Council members for a period of four years.



President Prof. Keith Hamer, University of Leeds (elected 2015)
Vice President Mr Neil Bucknell (elected 2015)
Vice President Dr Juliet Vickery, RSPB (elected 2017)
Honorary Secretary Dr Helen Baker, JNCC (re-elected 2018)
Honorary Treasurer Mr Graham F. Appleton (elected 2017)
Ordinary Members of Council

Dr Graeme Buchanan, RSPB Scotland (elected 2015)
Dr Phil Atkinson (Chair, Grants Committee, elected 2016; BTO)
Dr Will Cresswell, University of St Andrews (elected 2017)
Dr Emma Cunningham, Edinburgh University (elected 2018)
Dr Darren M. Evans, University of Newcastle (Chair, Meetings Committee, elected 2015)
Dr Tom Finch, RSPB (elected 2016)
Mr Andrew H.J. Harrop (Chair, Records Committee, co-opted)
Dr Jen Smart, RSPB (Chair, IBIS Management Committee, elected 2015)
Dr Hugh Wright, JNCC (Chair, Engagement Committee; elected 2017).
Elected members of Council are Trustees of the BOU.

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