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Engagement Committee

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The Engagement Committee supports all our engagement activities within the ornithological community and wider public.

Dr Hugh Wright (JNCC)
Dr Sarah Burthe (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)
Dr Lynda Donaldson (Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Steve Dudley (BOU Chief Operations Officer)
Dr Jenny Dunn (University of Lincoln)
Dr Tom Finch (RSPB)
Dr Nina O’Hanlon, BOU Social Media Support Officer (Environmental Research Centre)
Dr Jente Ottenburghs, Journal Publicity Support Officer (Uppsala University)
Graham Rowe, BOU Equality & Diversity Support Officer (University of Derby)
Dr Becky Thomas (Royal Holloway)
Equality & Diversity Working Group
Dr Juliet Vickery (BOU President; Chair)
Steve Dudley (Chief Operations Officer and Engagement Committee member)
Graham Rowe (University of Derby and BOU Equality & Diversity Support Officer)
Dr Rosie Trevelyan (Tropical Biology Association and BOU Council member)
Dr Leila Walker (Taylor & Francis)
Dr Hugh Wright (JNCC and Chair, Engagement Committee)

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