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Godman Salvin Prize – Pat Monaghan


The BOU’s Godman Salvin Prize is awarded to researchers who have made an outstanding contribution to ornithology

Pat Monaghan
Regius Professor of Zoology,
University of Glasgow

“Pat’s research has addressed an impressively broad range of questions emanating from her core interest in understanding the causes and consequences of life-history trade-offs and resulting life-history variation. She has provided ground-breaking and much needed insights into key physiological and genetic mechanisms that underlie life-history variation, and is unusual in the degree to which she has retained a clear-sighted view and commitment to injecting her research into applied ecology and conservation policy. While Pat’s studies have involved insects, amphibians, fish and mammals, birds have proved an ideal model for addressing her questions of interest, and so ornithology is her natural home.”

“The strength and breadth of her work within ornithology now makes her an outstandingly deserving recipient of the BOU’s Goldman Salvin Prize.”

Extracts from the citation for Pat which will appear in the July issue of IBIS.

View Pat’s University of Glasgow page

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