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About the BOU

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The BOU is a community of ornithologists which has been running for over 150 years.

Who’s involved? Why are they members? And what do they do? Meet some of our great members, including some of the people behind the BOU and IBIS.

Jose Alves thumbnailJosé Alves | BOU member
Tim BirkheadTim Birkhead | BOU member and former council member
Andrew Bladon thumbnailAndrew Bladon | BOU ECR member
Buchanan_250Greame Buchanan | Council member
Bucknell_Neil_2Neil Bucknell | Vice President
Will Cresswell1 thumbnailWill Cresswell | BOU member
Daunt_thumbFrancis Daunt | Meetings Committee member
Paul Dolman thumbnailPaul Dolman | BOU member and former Chair of BOU Grants Committee
David DouglasDavid Douglas | Meetings Committee member
Dudley picSteve Dudley | Senior Administrator
Jenny Dunn thumbnailJenny Dunn | BOU member
Evans_thumbDarren Evans | Council Member and Meetings Committee Chair
Tom Finch_resizeTom Finch | Council member
Paul French thumbnailPaul French | Records Committee member
Jenny Gill | BOU member and former President
Gilroy, JamesJames Gilroy | Records Committee member
Helm_thumbBarbara Helm | Council member
Shelley Hinsley thumbnailShelley Hinsley | Vice President
Andy Hoodless_resize thumbnailAndrew Hoodless | BOU member
Walker, LeilaChristina Ieronymidou | Engagement Committee Blog Support Officer
Kershaw, MelMel Kershaw | BOU member and former member of BOU Meetings Committee
Daunt_thumbAngela Langford | Journal & Office Manager
Graham Martin_resize thumbnailGraham Martin | BOU member and former Vice President
McInerny_thumbChris McInerny | Records Committee Secretary
Veronica Mendez thumbnailVerónica Méndez | BOU member
Catriona Morrison thumbnailCatriona Morrison | BOU member
NagerRuedi Nager | Editor, IBIS
NinaO'HanlonPic_thumbnailNina O’Hanlon | Engagement Committee Social Media Support Officer
Alice Risely thumbnailAlice Risely | BOU member
Staffan Roos thumbnailStaffan Roos | BOU member and IBIS Associate Editor
Jen Smart_resizedJen Smart | Chair, IBIS Management Committee and member of Council
Jen Stockdale thumbnailJen Stockdale | BOU ECR member
Andrew Tongue_resize thumbnailAndrew Tongue | BOU ECR member
Walker, LeilaLeila Walker | Engagement Committee Web Support Officer
Wilson, JeremyJeremy Wilson | Editor, IBIS
Wright, HughHugh Wright | Chair, BOU Engagement Committee and member of Council


If you’re a BOU member, why not tell us about yourself and what the BOU means to you. Email Leila Walker for further details.

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