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BOU administration and people

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The BOU is a registered charity and is administered by a Council of Trustees elected by our membership. It has a set of rules that govern the activities of the society. The Annual General Meeting is held at our main spring conference.

The day to day activities of the BOU are undertaken by two staff members (see below) with the main activities overseen by a number of Standing Committees.

Council members
Standing Committees and members
Medallists and awards
Rules, Annual Reports & Accounts and Minutes of AGMs

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The BOU employees two staff members who undertake the day to day activities of the BOU.

Senior Administrator | Steve Dudley
Steve is in overall charge of the day to day running of the BOU with specific responsibility for servicing BOU Council and the BOU’s Standing Committees, grants and bursaries, website and BOC administration.
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Journal & Office Manager | Angela Langford
Angela looks after the day to day running of Ibis plus all sales and membership items.
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